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December 06, 2022

The morphology of bamboo fiber is between coniferous wood fiber and hardwood fiber, and the performance of bamboo pulp is between coniferous wood pulp and hardwood pulp. Using bamboo as raw material can produce pulp and dissolving pulp. Pulp can be used to make paper, while dissolving pulp can be used as textile material. To produce dissolving pulp with bamboo as a raw material, it is not only necessary to remove lignin, but also to remove hemicellulose. Bamboo dissolving pulp is used as raw material to produce viscose fiber. The traditional process uses carbon disulfide as the solvent, which has the disadvantages of long production cycle, low fiber strength and serious pollution in the production process, and the production process will produce carbon disulfide and hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gas pollution.

Through technological innovation, our project team used pollution-free organic solvents instead of carbon disulfide to solve the core key technology of bamboo regenerated fiber production-the technical problems of inability to continuous spinning and low solvent recovery rate, and developed a pollution-free bamboo regenerated fiber during the production process.

There are two innovations in the key technology and functionalization of bamboo fiber preparation. One is the development of key technologies for the preparation of bamboo pulp and dissolving pulp; the other is the development of bamboo pulp short fiber textile materials to replace the traditional viscose fiber production process with serious pollution during the production process. The key technology of bamboo fiber preparation developed by this project can solve the problems of poor performance, high energy consumption and heavy pollution of traditional bamboo fiber, and realize its high-value application in textile, packaging, decoration and other industries.


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