Our unbleached brown Kraft paper maintains its virginal color of yellow-brown and is suitable for making bags and wrapping paper. Kraft paper has a variety of uses depending on nature and use. Kraft paper is a general term for a piece of paper. There is no specific specification. It is generally classified according to its nature and use.

By the color, it can be divided into original color (brown) kraft paper, red kraft paper, white kraft paper, flat kraft paper, single-light kraft paper, two-color kraft paper, and the like.

By the different uses, it can be divided into packaging kraft paper, waterproof kraft paper, pitched kraft paper, anti-rust kraft paper, pattern kraft paper, insulated kraft paperboard, kraft stickers and so on.

By the different materials, it can be divided into recycled kraft paper, kraft core paper, kraft base paper, cowhide wax paper, wood pulp kraft paper, composite kraft paper and so on.

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