Paper Pulp


For paper fiber pulp, as the raw material, we have bamboo pulp and bagasse sugarcane pulp.

The bamboo pulp is one kind of paper pulp like wood pulp, straw pulp or reed pulp. The bamboo pulp is usually made from moso bamboo, phyllostachys pubescens and sinocalamus affinis by sulfate digestion process or soda process. The bamboo fiber morphology and length is intermediate between wood fiber and straw fiber. It's wood- free pulp and it can be used without destroying forests. Compared to wood pulp, it is more environmentally friendly. We have both bleached and unbleached pulp. Bamboo pulp is widely used, which can be used to produce toilet tissue paper, facial tissue paper, A4 copy paper, paper napkins, kitchen paper towels and so on. 

Bagasse is the by-product of the sugar industry and is also one kind of papermaking fiber material. Among all kinds of fiber materials, bagasse is low-cost and inexhaustible to make paper pulp. The bleached bagasse pulp can be mixed to certain quantity of macrofiber and used to manufacture various high-grade cultural paper and living paper, such as bodystock paper, copy paper, two-side offset paper, sanitary tissue, napkin and etc. With the proper manufacturing process, the bagasse pulp also can be applied to make coated art base paper or newspaper. Ans it also usually used for molding disposable paper tableware plate and take away bowl. We have both bleached and unbleached bagasse pulp.

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