Dachang collective production reduction of ten thousand tons! Raw materials soared 5500 yuan / ton!

October 26, 2023

The conflict between Israel and Pakistan has escalated, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, the global energy market is fluctuating constantly, and the related chemical raw materials are also affected.

"Silver ten" rose less fell more to the chemical market to bring pessimism, just as the market believes that 2023 silver ten will end with a "tragedy", many domestic big factories tacit understanding to carry out the overhaul, many overseas crazy price increase letters, to boost market confidence.

overhaul! Big factories or cut 10,000 tons?

 Since October, the chemical market has been significantly reduced, and enterprises have also carried out maintenance plans, on the one hand, is to investigate their own hidden dangers, on the other hand, is to reduce production to stabilize the market.

According to public information, there are several industrial chains involving ABS, methanol, TDI and other industrial chains, involving more than 13 million tons of production capacity. Some giants, such as Cangzhou Dahua, parking maintenance will reduce the production capacity by 10,000 tons, affecting the total revenue reduction by about 150 million yuan.




 October 10, Wanhua Fujian device maintenance plan, expected to overhaul 15 days;

On October 12, the Mitsui plant in Japan was stopped and is expected to last for 20 days.

 On October 13, South Korea Hanwha began maintenance, maintenance is expected to take about 25 days;

On November 17, South Korea BASF planning began maintenance, expected to take about 25 days.

 On October 20th, Cangzhou Dahua maintenance started, with about 15 days of maintenance;

On October 30, The Shanghai device maintenance plan, about 40-60 days maintenance.


 Price increase letter in a row! Raw materials month up 5500 yuan / ton!

Maintenance news, the giant issued price letter to boost the market. The price increase range includes polystyrene, ABS resin, PP, PA6, PA66 and other popular chemical raw materials.

▶Trinseo And its European affiliates:

Increase the prices of all polystyrene (PS), ABS and SAN grade products from October 1, as follows:

STYRON And STYRON X-TECH General Polystyrene class (GPPS) up 80 euros (about 617 yuan / ton);

STYRON And STYRON A-TECH, STYRON C-TECH and STYRON X-TECH high impact resistant polystyrene class (HIPS) up 80 euros (about 617 yuan / ton);

 MAGNUM ABS Resin rose 90 euros (about 694 yuan / ton) per meton;

TYRIL SAN Resin up 90 euros (about 694 yuan / ton) per ton ton.

▶ Japan DENKA

On October 16, Japan DENKA Co., Ltd. issued a notice that the price of domestic naphtha and various raw materials continued to rise, since November 1, ABS resin, transparent resin and other product prices, revised to more than 20 yen / kg (about 978 yuan / ton).


On October 16, Japan issued a notice of price increase, HDPE, LLDPE and PP products to more than 10 yen / ton (about 489 yuan / ton).

▶ Seranis

On October 16, Celanese, the world's leading chemical company, announced the price increase of PA6 and PA66, in which the specific increase in the Asia-Pacific region is as follows: PA6 rose $300 / ton (about 2193 yuan / ton); PA66 rose $200 / ton (about 1462 yuan / ton).

▶ Osheng de

 Oengde, the world's largest nylon 66 integrated manufacturer, announced that it will make a new global price increase of its polyamide polymers, compounds and monomers, as the contract allows, effective on November 1. This is the third increase in the nylon 66 price after September 20 and October 6. After three rounds of price increases, the price of pure nylon 66 polymer has increased by about 5,500 yuan / ton.

 Multiple boost, the market is still difficult to improve?

Silver ten "tragic end" let the industry confidence, the industry bearish sentiment strong. Now the price increase letter has been sent to November, multi-maintenance increase, plus the routine autumn and winter pollution prevention and control inspection started, to provide rising additives for the market. Insufficient downstream demand and international crude oil factors, however, market is relatively conservative, is expected as eel-pak, Russia and Ukraine situation to upgrade, energy will continue to rise, the recent gas indicates the energy sector in the future may also because of war, the impact of the war, but also can lead to limited end demand, raw material or limited.

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