"No waste Asian Games" successfully concluded, the rice husk meal box arena

October 19, 2023

From the grand opening of September 23 to the successful end of October 8, Hangzhou Asia used the image of "no waste Asian Games" to blow the green wind into the field and carry out environmental protection to the end.

 As a large-scale international sports event, from the construction of event venues to the manufacturing of tables and chairs in the pavilion, from clean energy supply to the production of event materials, from food security to the establishment of "waste-free Asian Games Factory"...... The Hangzhou Asian Games integrates the concept of green, low-carbon and sustainable into the whole process of venue planning and design, construction, operation and management of the Asian Games, making "green" become the bright background color of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

What is waste free? The concept of "no waste" usually refers to a concept or goal, that is, in human production and consumption activities, to minimize the production of waste, improve the utilization efficiency of resources, so that waste is recycled, reused or safely treated, so as to reduce the environmental pollution and the waste of resources.

"No waste Asian Games" energy article

Wind energy, hydropower, photovoltaic...... The Hangzhou Asian Games for the green "main color" to draw a strong brush is the green energy.


56 venues have realized the event electricity for green electricity —— green electricity trading electricity reached 621 million KWH, equivalent to reducing standard coal of about 763.209 million tons! At the same time, the Asian Games venues have achieved full coverage of electric piles, and the Asian Games Village has built Hangzhou's first high-power wireless charging station for new energy vehicles. During the Asian Games, more than 2,000 official service new energy vehicles shuttle between the connection scenes, forming a unique landscape of "Asian Games waste free". The green transportation rate in the Asian Games Village is as high as 75%, which deeply practices the concept of green intelligence.


(Photo source Asian Games official website)           

"No waste Asian Games" tableware article

 Will "green" carry out in the end Hangzhou Asian Games, nature also has important consideration in tableware choice. 

In the restaurant of Hangzhou International Expo Center, the dining table and landscape layout are made of paper-based materials, which can be recycled after the game. The tableware provided to guests is all biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials. The plates and bowls are made of rice husk, and the tableware made of plant raw materials, from the space layout to the tableware, creating a "waste-free" dining space. 

Ban the use of disposable plastic tableware, choose the use of low-carbon and environmentally friendly tableware, from the Asian Games to daily life, "green" is constantly deep into people's concept.


 In the athlete village, there is such a waste-free living hall —— It is made of environmentally friendly paper, recycled materials and recycled plastic. The lamps in the hall are all energy-saving lamps, and a garbage classification and recycling device is set up. In the venues, the application of low-carbon products, interactive games, knowledge questions, manual DIY and other ways are flexibly used to promote the concepts of waste-free, green and low-carbon and recycling.
 At the same time, the pavilion, each piece of waste will be taken seriously —— from real-time measuring weight of garbage and upload data classification bin to garbage classification system, from set for storage perishable kitchen waste cold storage to realize automatic air detection, and automatically in addition to the disinfection of garbage set point, all embodies the Hangzhou games meticulous and environmental protection.


In recent years, "green", "environmental protection", "recyclable" and "carbon neutral" have become the hot words in the society, and in the future, green and low-carbon will undoubtedly constitute the background color of life.


Start from small things, a little bit of life together into a green river, even a small tableware, there will be a big change. With the power of plants, wake up the green life, Jinsheng environmental protection is carrying plant fiber tableware to a green agreement.


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