Unbleached Bamboo Jumbo Roll
Unbleached Bamboo Paper Jumbo roll, the product is made of 100% natural bamboo pulp without the presence of harmful substances such as bleach and fluorescent agents; it does not contain dioxin, a first-level carcinogen for humans, and maintains 100% of the natural color of plant fibers, which is natural and healthy It is a new generation of healthy and environmentally friendly papermaking household paper with original pulp and original color that does not pollute the environment and does no harm to the human body.
Natural paper products are made of pure natural plant fiber (bamboo fiber); do not add any chemical synthetic substances; do not contain bleach, fluorescent agents and other harmful substances; have natural health properties.

The advantages of the product are: breathable, naturally soft, naturally antibacterial, anti-allergic, dust-free, good water absorption, and food grade.

Advantages of bamboo fiber natural paper
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    It uses 100% natural bamboo fiber as raw material and does not add any bleaching chemical raw materials. The wastewater generated from pulping can be directly irrigated on farmland, causing no pollution to the environment, reducing deforestation and being more environmentally friendly.
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    No bleaching
    Traditional white household paper generally adds different amounts of bleach according to different whiteness requirements. Natural paper generally does not use harmful additives such as bleach and fluorescent agents, eliminating dioxins (first-level carcinogens) from the source. matter), the paper has no chemical residue and is harmless to the human body.
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    No dust
    The main raw material of traditional white household paper is wood pulp, which has poor flexibility. Bamboo fiber has longer length, thicker fiber wall and larger fiber pores.
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    Food grade
    It has passed national SGS testing and certification, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (full name of FDA) and EU food grade testing, and is a household paper that can be in direct contact with food.
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    Natural antibacterial
    The "bamboo Kun" naturally contained in bamboo fiber has antibacterial, antibacterial, mite removal, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet functions. The paper is environmentally friendly and healthy.
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    Environmentally friendly certified raw materials
    Established a complete ISO9001 quality assurance system, adhering to the principle of "mainly based on standard process operations and physical quality assessment standards"
DOCUMENT NOlast modification date
paper typeunbleached pressed napkin(NNC)
basis weight(g/m2)16.017.0
basis weight
upper limit16.5018.00
Central limit16.0017.00
lower limit15.5016.00
Transverse tensile strength index
5.95. 9
Longitudinal tensile strength index
contact≤(piece)Base paper11
Divided paper22
Longitudinal wet strength
       before divided
Longitudinal wet strength
       after divided
Transferable fluorescent brightenerqualifiedqualified
Remark: Hole, dust according to the light industry standard QB/T4509 implementation.
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