Bleached Bamboo Jumbo Roll

About Characteristics of bamboo paper

1. Stronger, softer and cooler

The natural properties of bamboo make its paper stronger than hardwood paper. It's also as strong as mild steel. Additionally, bamboo paper is softer and cooler to the touch. This makes it convenient to use in the bathroom. When you combine these three attributes, you get a toilet paper with better quality and user experience than the other two.

2. Reduce deforestation

Recycled and hardwood paper are derived from trees and take a long time to grow. However, bamboo toilet paper comes from bamboo forests. Bamboo forests grow more than 30 times faster than traditional trees. Bamboo is a grass and does not need to be replanted after harvesting. This forest resource also produces up to 30 times more oxygen and 35 times more carbon.

3. Safer to use than recycled paper towels

Despite great efforts to protect the environment, recycled tissue paper is made from deinking agents, harsh chemicals like BPA, and other substances. Therefore, it is not skin-friendly and may cause many skin problems for sensitive skin. On the other hand, bamboo papers such as WHOLEROLL have anti-odor, anti-fungal, antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Its manufacturing process also doesn’t use harmful chemicals like BPA

4. Biodegradable

Bamboo paper towels are 100% biodegradable. It can also break when flushed down the toilet. There have been many complaints of clogged sewer systems caused by the use of pure wood pulp paper and wet wipes that did not completely dissolve in the water. These tree-made options often fill treatment plants and present waste management challenges. However, the bamboo tissue paper used is prone to rotting in garbage disposal plants. Additionally, no by-products are produced during the production of bamboo tissue.

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Toilet paper base paper(paper roll)internal control standard

 According to the market survey of the business department, the internal control quantity standard of toilet paper base paper (paper roll) is formulated with reference to GB00-2006, which is divided into grade Ⅰ ,  grade Ⅰ B and qualified. The quality requirements of each grade meet the following table:

1.Experimental method of  toilet paper base paper (paper roll)

1). Quantitative:According to GB/T451.2, the total number of sampling layers is greater than 10 layers, and the sample is prepared with a special quantitative sampler of 0.01 square meters. The number of layers is 2-5 layers and the average value of a single layer is expressed as the test result.

2). Brightness:According to GB/T7974, the sample layer number was determined with YQ-Z-48B whiteness meter on the premise of ensuring opacity.

3). Horizontal suction height:Measured according to GB/T461.1, measured according to double layers, the sample size is 250mm*15mm, and the average value of the direct reading is the test result.




PropertiesUnitValue( grade Ⅰ)Value( grade ⅠB)
Dust count total
Dust count (0.2-1.0mm2)
Dust count (1.0-2.0mm2)Pcs/mm2≦5≦10
Dust count (≧2.0mm2)
Tensile index(vertical and horizontal average)N.m/g≧4.0≧3.7
Lateral suction heightMm/100s≧40≧30
(finished layer)
Longitudinal elongation%≧50≧45
Medium fine lines: Softness(finished layer

vertical and horizontal average value)mN≦80≦100
Medium fine lines: roll weightKg≦140≦145
Midgrain :Softness (finished layer vertical and horizontal average value)
Medium grain: roll weightKg≦130≦135
Width dimension deviationmm≦±3≦±3
Paper core jumpsmm≦20≦30
Holes Total
Holes 2mm-5mm
Holes 5mm-8mmPcs/mm2≦2≦2
Holes ≧8mm
Delivery moisture%≦10

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