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Bamboo pulp paper and Wood pulp paper

February 02, 2023

At present, there are various kinds of toilet paper on the market, but most of them are wood pulp paper processed as raw materials. As a daily necessity, families have a great demand for toilet paper, and with the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to quality and safety.

If there is a demand, there will be a market. Now the environmentally friendly bamboo pulp paper produced by bamboo pulp paper as raw material is very popular. From the perspective of raw materials: commonly used wood pulp paper needs a lot of wood resources, wood pulp mainly relies on foreign imports, the cost is high, some toilet paper manufacturers can only choose other recycled paper for processing in order to save costs, which brings a threat to the health and safety of consumers.

Bamboo three years into wood, short growth cycle, bamboo contains bamboo kun, is a natural antibacterial antibacterial components. Replacing trees and making paper with bamboo can not only relieve the stress of our trees, but also protect the health and safety of consumers.

In terms of softness:

Wood pulp paper is rough, because the wood pulp itself is relatively loose and rough, the produced paper holes are sparse and empty, poor softness, tearing will leave paper scraps and fine fibers, long-term use is not friendly to the respiratory tract. Bamboo fiber is flexible and fine, paper is more soft and delicate, no paper scraps, will not cause allergies.

The performance of bamboo pulp is between coniferous wood and broadleaf wood, which is obviously better than grass pulp. Bamboo pulp can replace broadleaf wood pulp and reduce the amount of coniferous wood pulp, which is used to manufacture various kinds of paper, including a variety of middle and high grade paper products. Bamboo pulping production process is mature and reliable, and most of the equipment can use domestic products; The pollution control technology is mature, and the "three wastes" can meet the relevant national emission standards.

Wood pulp paper is the paper made of logs. Generally, the composition of wood pulp paper contains more than 80% of the original wood pulp. The paper is smooth as satin, the color is warm and moist, and there is a light wood flavor. Wood pulp paper toughness, light tear vaguely has a elasticity, no rough edge, will not fly inferior paper towel that dander. Features: Paper fine, soft, smooth surface, good toughness.

Bamboo pulp paper is made of bamboo pulp alone or in a reasonable proportion with wood pulp and grass pulp through the process of cooking and rinsing. Pure bamboo pulp paper, divided into drying paper and drying paper. Color: The color of the drying paper is the natural yellow after bamboo processing.

Bamboo pulp, wood pulp mixed paper is mainly composed of bamboo pulp or wood pulp, in bamboo pulp or wood pulp added a small number of wood particles, some particles more, some less, these paper unkemp is very good. The basic color of bamboo pulp paper is yellow, while the basic color of wood pulp paper is white. Bamboo pulp paper uses sacrificial paper money, ghost paper, packaging paper. These papers are absorbent and tough and can be used for other purposes.



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