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March 05, 2024

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So pulping processes varies from complete mechanical to complete chemical and any combination in between.


1. Based on Pulping Process (according to the pulping method)

Fully Mechanical (GW, PGW, RMP) (full machine pulp)
Mechanical & Thermal (TMP)
Semi-mechanical, semi-chemical (CTMP)
Semi chemical (NSSC neutral sulphite semi-chemical slurry, Cold Soda)
Fully Chemical (Sulfite, sulfate)
Soft Cook Fully Chemical (Rayon rayon, viscose viscose fiber)


2. Based on Raw Material (according to different pulp raw material)

Wood (HW hardwood, SW cork)
Agricultural Residue (Straws)
Annual Plants & Grasses (Hemp hemp, Jute hemp, Kenaf red hemp, Bamboo bamboo) annual plant
Rags rag pulp
Recycled or secondary Fiber


3. Based on Bleaching (according to the bleaching method)

Totally Chlorine Free (TCF )
Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF )
Chlorine Bleaching (Chlorine gas & Hypochlorite)
Oxygen/Ozone Bleached.


4. Based on Yield (distinguished by the yield rate)

Very High Yield (>95%) - GW, PGW
High Yield (85-95%) - RMP, TMP
Medium High Yield (65-85%) - CTMP, NSSC, CMP
Medium Yield (45-65%) - (Sulfite, Sulfate)
Medium Low Yield (35-45%) Straw, Grass, Bagasse chemical pulp
Low Yield (<35%) - Rayon, viscose


5. Based on Fiber Length (distinguished by fiber length)

 Long Fiber Pulp (> 10mm) -Cotton, Hemp, Flax Linen, Jute
Medium Fiber Pulp (2 - 10mm) - Northern S/W, H/W
Short Fiber Pulp (<2mm) - Tropical H/W, straws, grasses


 Pulp is a fibrous material made from plant fiber by different processing methods.


According to the processing method, mechanical pulp is divided into chemical pulp and chemical mechanical pulp; wood pulp, grass pulp, hemp pulp, reed pulp, bamboo pulp, rag pulp, etc.


The classification of the pulp is as follows:


① According to the manufacturing method is divided into chemical pulp (including caustic soda pulp, sulfate pulp, sulfite pulp, etc.), mechanical pulp (including grinding stone mill wood pulp, hot grinding mechanical pulp, etc.) and chemical mechanical pulp 3 categories;


② According to the raw material varieties of wood pulp into wood pulp, grass pulp, bamboo pulp, cotton pulp, waste paper pulp, etc.;


③ According to the processing depth is divided into natural pulp, semi-bleaching pulp, bleaching pulp, refined pulp, etc.;


④ According to the yield of wood pulp to wood, it is divided into chemical pulp (yield 40~50%), high yield chemical pulp (yield 50~65%), semi-chemical pulp (yield 65~84%), chemical mechanical pulp (yield 85~94%), mechanical pulp (yield 94~98%);


⑤ According to the use of the enterprise to use the pulp called self-use pulp, as a commodity sold known as commodity pulp. For a specific variety, it is often named after several different classification methods, such as bleached sulfate needle wood pulp, natural sulfite reed pulp, poplar wood grinding pulp, etc., so that users can generally understand the performance and use of pulp according to its name.


 In all kinds of paper pulp, chemical pulp still occupies the largest proportion. Because of the late development of chemical mechanical slurry, relatively less production, but the long speed is fast.


Due to the continuous improvement of the recycling rate of waste paper and the relative addition of paper fillers and coatings, the use of pulp is relatively reduced, so the growth rate of pulp is generally lower than the growth rate of paper and cardboard.



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