Paper encyclopedia,What are the special paper commonly used in the packaging?

January 24, 2024
Special paper is a special purpose, relatively small production of paper.

There are many kinds of special paper, is a general term for a variety of special purpose paper or art paper, and now the sellers will be embossed paper and other art paper collectively known as special paper, mainly in order to simplify the variety of the noun confusion. So, what are the special paper used for printing? Let's see it together.

Special paper

Sulfuric acid paper sulfuric acid paper is a kind of translucent paper, because it is smooth, relatively hard, translucent, not easy to wet, often used in business cards, picture albums and other designs.


Kraft paper is the use of different fibers through the paper copying mechanism into paper with special skills, prominent artistic sense, coarse particles, better tear degree and strength.

Kraft paper

 Elegant soft pape

The color reduction of elegant soft paper has high visibility, strong three-dimensional sense, bright luster, at the same time has the texture of art paper, feel prominent, can reflect the printing effect of powder paper and art paper at the same time.

Sprinkle gold rice paper

The paper surface has obvious patterns of horizontal and vertical fine lines, but different from the curtain lines. The paper is pale yellow and made fine with fine gold foil.

Sprinkle gold rice paper

 Japanese pape

Japanese paper low-key plush and cotton wool paper, gentle and resilient, fully deduce the meaning of nature and the strength of heart peace.

 Leather grain pape

The grain of leather paper is deep, the surface is uneven, leather paper is widely used, thick and heavy is suitable for sample cover, bidding, thin and heavy leather grain is suitable for gift packaging and binding cover.

synthetic paper

Synthetic paper (torn paper) is actually plastic film. This kind of paper is only suitable for production using laser printers, not an inkjet printer.

East bar paper

Dongba paper is a kind of special paper used to record the Dongba scriptures and draw the Dongba paintings. It is a very rare handmade paper. The paper is thick and durable, light and smooth, ivory-colored and antique.

East bar paper

Yarn paper

Rosa paper is the representative of Japanese color special paper, with more than 100 colors, with cotton thread texture of gauze paper, delicate, gentle, providing more possibilities for design.

 Pearl light paper

Candelit paper is composed of three parts: bottom fiber, filler and surface layer. Belight effect is the paper surface has a layer of shiny metal effect. Generally used for packaging, book covers, etc.

wove paper

The paper surface has the square state grain, increasing the touch and delicacy, the printing surface is slightly lattice luster with characteristics, good ink performance, both the effect and texture of coated paper and art paper.

Ange pape

The paper surface has the square state grain, increasing the touch and delicacy, the printing surface is slightly lattice luster with characteristics, good ink performance, both the effect and texture of coated paper and art paper.

Just the ancient paper

Just ancient paper paper light and strong, natural grain, tactile modern, mellow, is a high-grade quality. Just ancient paper is divided into noble, sliding surface, grain, concept, digital and other categories.

 Eggshell paper

The surface of the eggshell card is different. The color of the eggshell paper is white, which is very suitable for high quality paper.

tissue paper

The cotton paper has a delicate felt structure and an unusually soft touch. Its inkjet coating has a satin like gloss, can produce excellent depth and three-dimensional effect of print.

Watercolor paper

The front of watercolor paper presents irregular waves like lines, like watercolor paper, the back is concave and convex pulp texture, the surface can be written, the paper does not reflective, visual comfortable.

 Dutch white card paper

Dutch white card paper after a multi-roller pressure light made out of a kind of paper, paper complexion is high purity, has a more uniform ink absorption, has a good folding resistance.

Sand point paper

Sand point paper paper thick weight is very light, the grain on the paper with fine sand print, do not need a complicated design to highlight the characteristics of the paper.
 Conclusion: In the process of packaging and printing, the paper with different shapes and textures will bring us a completely different visual presentation. Use special paper, together to make a unique eye-catching good packaging ~

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