August 02, 2022

Paper is closely connected with our daily life, but you may not know the raw materials of it. There are two main raw materials: plant fiber and non-plant fiber (inorganic fiber, chemical fiber, metal fiber, etc.). At present, most paper in the world is made from a plant fiber which can also be divided into six categories.
1.conisilvae wood: larch, red pine, masson pine, Yunnan pine, camphor pine, etc.;
2. broad-leaf wood: poplar, birch, eucalyptus, etc.,
3. grass: reed, bamboo, straw, grass, straw, grass, dragon straw, sorghum straw, sucrose residue, and so on;
4. bast fiber: linen, yellow linen, hemp, etc.,
5. hull fiber: flowers, cotton short wool, cotton rags;
6. waste paper fiber;

Today, as bamboo pulp manufacturer, we’re going to introduce the features of paper made from bamboo pulp compared with paper from wood pulp.

First, wood pulp is safer than bamboo pulp.

Paper made from wood pulp shows the feature of yellow on its surface. In order to make it look whiter, bleach will be put into pulp. As a result, some chemical substances will be left, which will inevitably do harm to people’s health when you use them. But paper made from bamboo pulp does not need to be bleached, thus no chemical residues like dioxin are left. That’s why it is safer to use.


Then, bamboo pulp paper has the ability to suppress bacteria.

The bacteria on wood pulp paper can multiply rapidly, but the one on bamboo pulp paper can neither reproduce, nor survive by 28% within 24 hours. Certain material in bamboo is born with the function of sterilizing, preventing insects and odor, which can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria. Even for babies, paper made from bamboo is safe to use.

Next, this kind of paper touches softer.

The wood pulp itself is loose and rough, thus paper made from it has drawbacks of loose holes and poor expansion. Paper scraps and fine fiber remaining on the paper are bad for the respiratory tract in long run. However, the bamboo fiber is soft and delicate, and the paper made from it touches more comfortable.


Besides, bamboo paper is tough and tear-resistant

When touched with water, common wood pulp paper breaks up easily and tends to stick together. The bamboo pulp can absorb water and will not leave debris after wiping the water even if the whole paper is immersed in water. It also owns the feature of good tensile force. After wiping your hands or face with it, you won’t find paper scraps left. It is a necessary product for beauty lovers.

Last, bamboo pulp is more environmentally friendly.

Wood pulp consumes a lot of forest resources. The annual amount of paper materials reaches one million cubic meters, which can fill the West Lake. It takes a long time to regenerate. However, bamboos grow rapidly and can be regenerated within three years after being cut. It is a recycled paper material.

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