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Advantages of BAMBOO kraft paper

January 17, 2023

bamboo kraft paper manufacturers

China has a long history of making paper from bamboo, which has a history of more than 1700 years according to historical records. With the development of modern papermaking technology, papermaking technology is more and more exquisite, more and more mature. The quality of bamboo pulp used to manufacture kraft paper has reached a new level, but also make full use of the characteristics of bamboo fiber, bamboo kraft paper manufacturing more characteristics, some characteristics are unique to bamboo pulp kraft paper. Let's talk about the advantages of bamboo pulp kraft paper:


1, first of all, bamboo raw materials contain bamboo kun, bamboo kun is bamboo inside has a unique material, with natural antibacterial, anti-mite, anti-odor, anti-insect function, bamboo kun has sterilization and antibacterial effect, can effectively kill 72% of the bacteria, so the production of kraft paper, also has antibacterial function. Experts did an experiment, put the pre-cultivated Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, candida albicans bacteria smeared on the bamboo fiber: 1 hour later, the bacteria reduced by 40%, 4 hours later, the bacteria reduced by 60%, 24 hours later, the bacteria reduced by 75%!

 bamboo kun

2, bamboo pulp fiber is slender, the color is yellow, so the copied kraft paper color is full, bright and glossy, so the appearance of the finished product is better. This appearance advantage is the traditional wood pulp kraft paper incomparable.


3. The cell wall of bamboo pulp fiber is multi-layer structure, and the influence of fiber degree on paper is based on the depth of the hierarchy structure of the cell wall of raw materials. The deeper the fiber degree of pulp, the deeper the density, the better the compression resistance of paper, so these are reflected in bamboo pulp kraft paper, tensile corrosion resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof performance.


4, bamboo pulp kraft paper, the main characteristics of this paper are good strength, smoothness, uniform paper, vertical and horizontal tension, smooth surface.The paper surface is more smooth, so the printing effect is better, for the breaking resistance and pull strength requirements are not very strict, the use of bamboo pulp kraft paper finished products appearance effect is better.


Bamboo kraft paper

Bamboo kraft paper

The ordinary wood pulp kraft paper is incomparable.


5. From the perspective of environmental protection, bamboo grows rapidly and takes 2-3 years to grow, so the raw material has relatively less impact on the environment.

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