How to choose the wet toilet paper

June 12, 2024

 How to choose the wet toilet paper

 In recent years, wet toilet paper has been loved by consumers because of its soft, comfortable, clean and thorough characteristics. So, what is a wet toilet paper? Is it the paper used to wipe the toilet? Is it a wet towel? Is the ingredients safe? Can it cause skin sensitivity? Can wet wipes replace wet toilet paper? What makes wet toilet paper better than toilet paper? How to buy wet toilet paper?

 Question 1: What is wet toilet paper? Can you use wet wipes instead of wiping your butts?

 Although wet toilet paper is called paper, it is not paper. Strictly speaking, it is a kind of wet wipes. It is a product specifically for the toilet scene, which can more thoroughly clean the excrement and menstrual blood and other dirt.

 Don't use a wipes instead of wiping your butts. First of all, the positioning of these two products is different, and the product characteristics also have some differences. After the wet toilet paper is wiped, the water attached to the skin needs to be able to be quickly volatilize, so as to ensure that the anal dry, otherwise it is more likely to breed bacteria.
 There are many kinds of wipes, some contain alcohol, some kitchen wipes contain special cleaning factors, and wipes containing these special ingredients, which are not suitable for use to clean skin sensitive butts. Even the wipes, used for skin cleansing, often contain moisturizing ingredients and the moisture is not volatile. Therefore, even if the emergency use of wet wipes to wipe the butt, it should be used as soon as possible to avoid long-term moisture causing skin discomfort.
 In addition, wet wipes and wet toilet paper production of raw materials and technology are also different. Wet toilet paper is made from wood pulp fiber and viscose fiber and is produced by wet water thorn nonwovens process, most of which are dispersion. The raw materials of wet wipes include polyester fiber, polypropylene fiber, etc., which is not easy to disperse. Therefore, the wipes can not be directly thrown into the toilet, otherwise it is easy to cause the toilet blockage.


 Question 2: Can wet toilet paper be used to wipe your mouth?

 This question should be answered from the perspective of whether the composition of the wet toilet paper is safe. The composition of wet toilet paper mainly involves two aspects: —— substrate and liquid composition. At present, the base material of wet toilet paper is water thorn nonwovens, and its raw materials are mainly of two categories: wood pulp and viscose fiber. Both raw materials come from plants widely distributed in nature, and are biodegradable, renewable, and environmentally friendly.

 The liquid ingredients of wet toilet paper, mainly including water, active extracts (to provide moisturizing, soothing skin and other functions), and some products will add surfactants (to enhance the cleaning effect). These liquid components in the product need to meet the national standards, and will not produce adverse irritation and allergic reactions to the skin and mucosa.
 Although there is no problem with wet toilet paper to wipe the hands or wipe the face, it is not recommended to wipe the mouth with wet toilet paper. First, the hand wipes touching the mouth should pass the mouth toxicity test, wet toilet paper generally does not do this; second, the use of the two environment is different, can not be generalized.


 Question 3: How should you buy any wet toilet paper products?

 Wet toilet paper products can be considered from several angles. First to see whether the product can be scattered. Disable wet toilet paper is mostly made of biodegradable cellulose fiber raw materials, more environmentally friendly. In the process of purchase, it is mainly to see whether the packaging of the product has "can be thrown into the toilet", "can be scattered" and other words or signs, if the packaging of the product has the above words or signs, it can be directly thrown into the toilet after use. However, it should be noted that even if the wet toilet paper is marked as "removable", it may also cause blockage in practice. It is recommended not to throw two pieces at one time.


 Second, look at the liquid composition. Wet toilet paper is suitable for pure water, and at the same time, it can also be selected according to different needs. For example, a manufacturer launched wet toilet paper for women's private parts or menstrual care, such products passed the vaginal mucosa test, and pH is close to women's vaginal environment, weak acid, reduce skin irritation, more suitable for women to use. Some wet toilet paper contains special active skin extracts to soothe the skin. In addition, the wet toilet paper itself is soft and comfortable, suitable for patients with hemorrhoids.
 Finally, it is to see the post-processing technology of wet toilet paper. After meeting the first two items, the purchase of wet toilet paper has basically no use problem. For a better experience, choose wet toilet paper with treated surfaces. At present, some manufacturers do wet toilet paper pressing treatment, in order to provide enough clean force when wiping.


Chengdu Qingya paper industries Co.,Ltd “QY “wet toilet paper using bamboo fiber manufacturing, bamboo fiber itself contains antibacterial factors-bamboo bin, and added in the production of aloe extract, oat extract, bitter ginseng extract and soybean seed extraction, through the health and safety detection, can not only apply to hip, also applies to other parts of the body, instead of wet tissue, more environmental protection more clean.


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