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May 11, 2024

 How to choose the wet toilet paper correctly

1. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, our toilet paper will also go through the process of upgrading, from the beginning of the calendar as toilet paper, to advanced to flat paper, to rolling paper, in the current wet toilet paper.

The raw materials of wet toilet paper are mainly made: original pulp and dust-free paper

 How to choose a wet toilet paper suitable for you:

1. Look at the base cloth: The mainstream wet toilet paper on the market is mainly composed of professional wet toilet paper base paper and dust-free paper. High-quality wet toilet paper is mainly composed of natural skin-friendly primary pulp. With high-quality PP fiber, it can create a true soft and skin-friendly product foundation.

2. See mild and safety: high quality wet toilet paper must pass the national "vaginal mucosa test", the PH value is weakly acidic, so as to effectively protect the sensitive skin, suitable for private parts and all kinds of sensitive people, as well as daily use during pregnancy. High quality wet toilet paper has 99.9% sterilization ability, and not through the bactericidal chemical killing, but physical wipe, mild and not stimulating.

3. Look at the flushing ability: flushing ability not only refers to can be decomposed in the toilet, more importantly, can be decomposed in the toilet and sewer, only the base cloth of wet toilet paper composed of original pulp material, has the ability to decompose in the sewer.

2. Whether the wet toilet paper carries the odor

The material of wet toilet paper is doomed to have no odor, so if open the packaging has a smell on the face, then the probability is adding chemical fungicide, but sensitive skin is easy to be hurt, so, it is recommended that we do not buy wet toilet paper with odor.(Personal advice, for reference only)

3. Whether wet toilet paper carries a chemical fungicide

 High quality wet toilet paper itself can effectively erase 99.99% bacteria, most importantly, good wet toilet paper mechanism of sterilization is physical sterilization, namely bacteria is wiped away on the paper, rather than through the method of chemical killing, therefore, excellent wet toilet paper product is absolutely cannot add containing benzalkonium chloride on private parts contain stimulating fungicides, so. Again, the purchase is that you want to look good at the product ingredients list.

4. What is the sterilization rate?

Written above, the effective wipe rate can reach 99.99%,

Most of all, throw it away. It's great not to put it in the paper basket





Qingya Paper launched a new product- -bamboo fiber wet toilet paper- -in April 2024

Difference between bamboo fiber wet toilet paper and traditional wood pulp wet toilet paper:

 We tested the properties of bamboo fiber wet toilet paper and analyzed the bacterial community

1、 Bamboo fiber wet toilet paper is softer and more skin-friendly than ordinary wood fiber wet toilet paper, which can reduce the discomfort when wiping, while ordinary wet toilet paper is slightly inferior in this aspect.

2、 Bamboo fiber has good water absorption, can absorb water, keep dry.

3、 Bamboo fiber wet toilet paper has better breathable ability, which helps to maintain the local skin and reduce the feeling of sultry.

4、 Bamboo fiber wet toilet paper can be scattered: you can flush into the toilet more pieces, more convenient treatment.

5、 Bamboo fiber wet toilet paper with bamboo fiber as raw material, itself has some unique antibacterial properties, more friendly to sensitive skin, mild and not stimulating, not easy to cause discomfort.

6、Due to the growth characteristics of bamboo, it is a renewable resource. Bamboo fiber wet toilet paper has more advantages in environmental protection and sustainable, which is relatively more natural and environmentally friendly, and protects the forest resources to a greater extent.

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