Finland strike causes global wood pulp supply chain tension! Chinese paper enterprises a new round of price rise tide su

April 10, 2024

Finland strike causes global wood pulp supply chain tension! Chinese paper enterprises a new round of price rise tide surge

 Paper future network, paper future network 2024-04-10 07:31 Guangdong


Since March, the global paper industry has continued to rise from the strike in Finland, raising prices in the market, and triggering a new wave of price increases. This wave of price adjustment has not only affected the wood pulp itself, but also directly affected the price of all kinds of paper products with wood pulp as the main raw material. It is understood that the leading enterprises of wood pulp products such as Wuzhou special paper, forest security enterprises, Chenming paper, Yibin paper, Jingxing paper, Yueyang forest paper and so on have issued a price adjustment notice, for different types of paper products to develop the corresponding price increase plan. In terms of specific price adjustment range, all kinds of wood pulp derivatives are facing different degrees of price increase plan, including household paper price adjustment since March 25, with price increase of 200-300 yuan per ton; and white paper and cultural paper, two widely used paper, plan to implement new pricing from April 1, and also face the price increase of 200-300 yuan per ton. The impact of the wood pulp price increase on the paper industry is obvious, which not only intensified the market's concerns about the rising cost of paper products, but also brought certain operating pressure to related enterprises. However, for the large paper enterprises with strong cost transfer ability, it may also mean that they can improve their own profitability to a certain extent. However, small and medium-sized paper enterprises may face the challenge of more severe market environment and profit space compression due to the rapid rise of raw material costs. In general, the global wood pulp supply shortage caused by the strike in Finland has become a major issue that cannot be avoided in the paper industry in the near future. The new round of price increases will have a far-reaching impact on the upstream and downstream of the whole industrial chain, which is worth the close attention of enterprises and market parties. More price increase letter: many paper enterprises to increase the paper prices, up to 500 yuan / ton!


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