Standard release | 5 national standards including ' kitchen paper towels' approved for release

August 14, 2023

On August 6, 2023, the State Administration for Market Regulation (State Standardization Administration) issued Announcement No. 7 of 2023, approving the release of 431 recommended national standards such as "Hydraulic Transmission Connection Metal Pipe Joints - Part 1: 24 ° Cone" and 2 national standard modification orders, including 5 national standards in the papermaking industry such as "Kitchen Tissue". Specific information is as follows

Kitchen tissue is suitable for kitchen paper towel, cleaning and other tissue paper purposes. Compared with the original standard, the new national standard has adjusted the composition of raw materials, product classification, performance, safety performance, and other aspects. In terms of technical requirements, the new national standard has removed indicators such as horizontal liquid absorption height, horizontal tensile index, and vertical wet tensile index, and added requirements for indicators such as water absorption time, water absorption capacity, oil absorption capacity, horizontal tensile strength, vertical wet tensile strength, powder loss rate, transferable fluorescent substances, acrylamide, ash content, decolorization performance, heavy metals, and decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes.


The "Technical General Rules for Pulp Moulding Products" applies to all pulp molded products except for pulp molded products used in contact with food. The technical indicators mainly include delivery moisture, heavy metals, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, organic chlorine, phthalates, etc.


The "Determination of Effective Recycled Components in Paper, Cardboard, and Paper Products" is applicable to various types of paper, paperboard, and paper products, as well as paper based composite materials such as aluminum foil paper and coated paper. The release and implementation of this standard will help waste paper recycling departments and production enterprises understand the quality level of waste paper, promote the recycling and utilization of domestic waste paper, and effectively supplement China's papermaking fiber raw materials.


The 'Determination of Fine Fiber Mass Fraction in Pulp' is applicable to all types of pulp and also to paper that can be completely dissociated into fibers. This standard provides a methodological basis for testing the mass fraction of fine fibers in pulp, and is of great significance for improving the quality of pulp and paper and paperboard products.


The 'Stability Requirements for Ordinary Image Printing Paper' applies to various types of coated and uncoated printing paper. This standard evaluates the stability of ordinary image printing paper through four indicators: minimum tear strength before accelerated aging, tear strength retention rate after accelerated aging, minimum content of neutralizing acid compounds, and pH range of paper cold water extraction solution.


(National Paper Industry Standardization Technical Committee)

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