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Difference between bamboo pulp paper and wood pulp paper?

January 04, 2023
Difference between bamboo pulp paper and wood pulp paper?

It's the same. At present, the natural colored paper and white paper sold in the market is made from original pulp, and the bleaching process is less involved in the production of natural colored paper. According to Chinese regulations, adding bleach and related ingredients to toilet paper is safe as long as it does not exceed the standard. Therefore, toilet paper is safe and healthy as long as the production process, hygienic production environment and added ingredients meet the national regulations.

Bamboo pulp paper tissues.

Bamboo pulp paper or wood pulp paper good?

1. Wood pulp paper is pulp extracted from wood chips. Wood pulp paper has a special smell of wood, generally beige. This is a normal color, not bleached, absorbent, tough, soft and tough texture. This is the finest paper. Wood pulp paper or half wood pulp toilet paper is made from half wood pulp and half recycled paper. Although it is not as good as the original wood pulp, the quality is not bad.


2. Bamboo pulp paper is yellow paper made from bamboo. Generally speaking, ordinary yellow paper is bamboo pulp paper. Bamboo pulp paper is one of the alternatives to wood pulp paper, no traces of bleaching.


As long as the production meets the standards, bamboo pulp paper is not much different from wood pulp paper, because some bamboo pulp paper is also mixed with wood pulp, but there is still a little gap between simple bamboo pulp paper and native wood pulp paper.

What is the difference between bamboo pulp paper and wood pulp paper?

One is the difference in effect. Bamboo contains a bamboo kun, which has bactericidal, antibacterial and antibacterial effects. Therefore, it is not easy to get sick and insects in the bamboo forest. Then, it has a good protective effect on the human body after making the paper. Some household paper contact with eyes and private places. It's best to use good paper. In addition, bamboo pulp paper has strong water absorption, deodorization and flexibility, while wood pulp paper does not have this effect.


Second, the difference between treatments. Since the presence of talcum powder, a brightening agent, in white paper has been reported, the presence of dioxins is carcinogenic. Bamboo pulp paper is a primary color without additives, while most wood pulp paper is white paper.


Third, the difference between environmental protection. Bamboo can be made into wood in one to two years, and proper cutting is good for its growth. Trees have long growth cycles, ranging from ten years to decades. With 8 million trees cut down every day in the world, roads for wood pulp and paper will become smaller in the future.

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