Household paper tips

November 21, 2023
Household paper tips

Household paper tips

1, natural paper and white paper

The difference between natural color and white paper:
1) White paper should be bleached with pulp, while natural paper should not be bleached. White too high products in the manufacturing process will add more chemicals, the normal paper towel color should be ivory white, natural white. The use of unqualified paper towels, light cases appear skin itching, serious cases will lead to skin disease. Natural paper because there is no bleaching process, so less pollution to the environment, more environmentally friendly.


2, the

difference between toilet paper, napkins

1) The disinfection standard of the two papers is not one level at all, the total number of allowed colonies per gram of toilet paper is 500 units; and the total number of allowed colonies per gram of napkin is 200 units. Wipe your mouth regularly with toilet paper, where bacteria can spread through the respiratory tract, digestive fluids and digestive tract, potentially causing diseases such as enteritis or dysentery.

2) Napkins are divided into excellent products, first class products and qualified products, softness, water absorption, toughness are different, excellent products are good, the first class products, qualified products are poor.

3) Fragrance paper and printed paper, any "pattern" is added to the later stage, poor quality printing paper or perfume paper, its ink and essence is easy to attach to the mouth, dive into the human body, affect health.

4) Disinfection grade products should be marked with the words "disinfection grade". Napkins, facial tissues and other products are prohibited to mark disinfection, sterilization, sterilization, sterilization, drugs, health care, dehumidification, moistening, dryness, itching, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and other contents.
5) Shelf life, general toilet paper dry storage for 2-3 years, expired toilet paper is easy to breed bacteria.
3, the use of face tissue paper, toilet paper, wet wipes, kitchen paper

1) Face towel, napkin is specially used to clean the face, soft and skin-friendly, the highest hygiene requirements, used to wipe the mouth, wipe the face is safer. After soaking the toughness is good, not easy to break, wipe sweat is not easy to remain on the face.
2) Toilet paper softness is moderate, mainly used in the toilet. Qualified toilet paper will not harm the human body.
3) Wet towel contains certain bactericidal ingredients. When it is not convenient to wash hands when going out, it can effectively clean and sterilize. Had better not be used to wipe the face, facial skin is more fragile, the bactericidal ingredient is easy to cause itching and swelling.
4) Kitchen paper, with a very good water absorption and oil absorption, the paper is large and thick, very suitable for cleaning kitchen appliances, glass Windows, mirrors, tables, etc.
4. Choose

1) Look at the product details at the bottom of the package, and pay attention to the elimination size, the product raw materials. The standard name is issued by the health administrative department above the provincial level is the regular product, the product raw materials to the original wood pulp and bamboo pulp as the best. Production dates are generally at the bottom.
2) High quality products, soft and delicate, do not drop hair, powder, good toughness, pure without stain, toilet wet water can wash. Some recycled waste paper pulp production of household paper, chemical raw material composition, paper stain more, bacterial content exceeds the standard, health testing is not up to standard. Paper is easy to break, poor water absorption, and easy to lose powder. Because of the long fiber, the native bamboo pulp, wood pulp paper has large tensile force, good toughness, not easy to break, and no dust.
3) The smell of chemical agents appears, indicating that the bleach content is high. For fragrance, avoid wiping your mouth.
4) It is best to use up the paper towels within 2 months to reduce contact with air and prevent the breeding of bacteria from moisture.

5) Wet wipes are not a substitute for hand washing. You still need to wash your hands with wet wipes. The liquid content of wet wipes is generally 80%, and the main ingredients are water and disinfectant. Chemical agents are added to the wet wipes.
6) Appearance, packaging and sealing should be neat and firm, without damage phenomenon. The paper is clean, no obvious dead folds, incomplete, damage, hard blocks, grass tendons, pulp and other paper diseases and impurities.



Using elegant bamboo pulp to roll paper is healthier and more environmentally friendly https: / /


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